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Felicia Chastain

Account Executive

Felicia grew up in the small town of Lone Pine, California. She received her Medical Billing and Coding Certificate in 2007 and quickly developed a liking to the customer service and communication aspects of the industry. In 2019, she began in NextGen’s call center as a Live Transfer agent and was quickly promoted to a Team Lead. Utilizing her 15+ years of customer service experience and strong organizational skills, she continued on her growth trajectory within NextGen by being promoted to a Sales Associate where she furthered her sales and communication skills before settling into her current position as an Account Executive. Felicias attributes her working knowledge and customer satisfaction to her exposure to different sides of the business throughout her different roles at NextGen. She utilizes this experience to maximize her clients success and satisfaction. In her downtime, Felicia enjoys skiing, fishing, camping, and spending time with her family and friends.

NextGen is ever-changing and constantly improving on ways to generate and deliver leads. The ever-changing environment gives me the opportunity to expand my industry knowledge and continue to grow professionally.

Felicia Chastain

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