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Jeffrey Barrette

Account Executive

Jeff was born in Connecticut but found his way to Boston as he realized the small town life wasn’t for him. With over a decade of customer service skills, management experience, and the drive to continue his professional growth, Jeff ventured off to San Diego with a duffle bag and dream. Utilizing his strong work ethic, attention to detail, and communication skills, Jeff joined NextGen’s Retention Team in 2023. After a couple of short months, he had become so proficient as a Retention Specialist that he was able to help optimize the role’s workflow, eventually freeing up enough of his time to take on additional responsibilities. His superb time management skills coupled with his innate ability to connect with all clients made for a seamless transition to the Account Executive role, where he now prides himself in the success and relationship management of his customers. Outside of work, Jeff is a music nerd and movie buff, so it’s not uncommon to catch him with his headphones in & enjoying his own world.
Jeffrey Barrette

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